Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New..... Well Everything

It has been a while........

This year has been full of ups, downs, surprises, and memories. I had just begun to settle down in our home in Waterloo, when I was blessed with another new opportunity. I was hired to be a Business Education teacher at Central High School. This opportunity certainly did not come the way I would have wanted to ever ask for. My former business teacher passed away from a sudden heart attack. So many memories began to come back to me. When I walked in the classroom the first time after getting my key I looked straight at the desk I had sat in more than 10 years ago. I couldn't express the feeling that I had sitting in the room for the first time. I hope this journey will be one of humble and meaningful experiences that my students can take with them and use throughout their lives. So for now I am cleaning, straightening, and decorating my classroom! Did I happen to mention that my Nonna (grandmother) taught in the room that joins mine for over 30 years? She was the business teacher at Central High School also. I am pretty sure that I learned how to type on a type writer before I learned to write. (I have terrible handwriting but I type like a pro!) It is very special to be following in my Nonna's footsteps. My Daddy also taught at Central for several years and began the softball program here. Now my sister Laura is the head softball coach and I will be helping in whatever she needs done. It is amazing what a great coach she is! I just hope we can make and impression on the girls like our coaches did. (Mr. and Mrs. Young) They were certainly a huge part of molding the people we are today. So as the New Year begins I will start with a new job, new house, new family, new last name, and so many blessings I can not name them all. I can't wait to meet my students and start teaching!

As my Daddy always told us, even when he wore blue, once a Wildcat always a Wildcat!

I will be posting some pictures of the classroom as is progresses!

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