Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 2 Here We Go

First things first, ROLL TIDE! National Champions #14

It is week 2 of teaching and I am needless to say still overwhelemed, excited, stressed, scattered, OCD, happy, frustrated, concerned, but most of all I LOVE IT!!!!!!

I have students in grades 7th-9th and they are all awsome! (Yes I know ALL of them!) They are all so different and so fun to work with. Some of them are a challenge but, those are the good ones. The halls of my old high school are still filled with the same teachers I had in many cases so it is funny to talk to them like a co-worker.

Adam and I are having so much fun this new year. We have some fun news, no I'm not pregnant, so Mom if you are reading this sorry to let you down. But we did get a new truck! Adam wanted a 4 door BIG truck as I call is so we got one this past weekend!

I am also really excited about things going on at our church, Second Creek Church of Christ. I am so lucky to be a part of such a wonderful church family. We have had some really uplifting sermons and Bible classes lately.

Last but not least I have also started working with weddings again! Nope not the craziness of running my own business. Just doing a little wedding planning this summer with some pretty awesome brides!

The below is my picture for the day! Wishing for SNOW!
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